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"Hailing from Norway is Steinar Karlsen, a fine player who instinctively understands the guitar music of the early ´60s. On his new album, Tur, Karlsen covers the gamut of spy-tinged melodies, film noir, and surf, never overplaying, while capturing fat tremolo tones. Add spooky vibrato organ and Steinar´s slick licks, and you have one of the best instrumental releases of the year." 

-Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar

In 2011 the Norwegian guitar player Karlsen made his solo debut with the album
"Ulydium”. Two years later the second album was released, "Hanens død”. In 2015 Karlsen released two albums, “Tog til Sunnfjord” and “Tur”.   New album "ELD" Nov 18.

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